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choosing colors for powerpoint templates

How to pick an effective color palette for your PowerPoint  presentation

What does that color communicate?
Use color  to support your message when you present. Your audience will have conscious and unconscious reactions to your color selection. Take a look below for common color associations.

blue is a universal favorite for presentations 

Blue - a universal favorite for presentations. Think “true blue” for loyalty and trustworthiness. Blue can communicate authority, responsibility and security.

red is a power color and will draw attention to your template 

Red - a power color...daring, intense and dramatic.  Red evokes very strong emotions and can actually increase blood pressure and eye-blinking.  Associated with blood and fire, red stands for courageous and powerful action.

green is restful and soothing 

Green - the color of nature, is restful and soothing.  Green communicates balance, harmony and tranquility. Frequently used for natural products, the health industry and the environment, green has a positive association across all cultures.

yellow says hope 

Yellow says happiness, optimism, cheerfulness. It symbolizes hope and appeals to the intelligent and thoughtful audience. Associated with the sun, yellow is stimulating and attention getting.

gregarious orange for activity 

Fun loving, positive and exuberant orange. Great for inspiring action.  Cheerful, bold and energetic, orange tempers the daring of red with the happiness of yellow.

purple promotes a royal tone 

Purple is the most stimulating of the cool colors. It is associated with royalty, mystery and sophistication.  Excellent for a new trend or unique idea, regal purple blends popular blue with powerful red.

brown is the color of hearth and home 

Brown is the color of the earth. Wholesome and homey, nurturing brown communicates stability and security.  Think warm chocolate brown for practical and affordable.

subtle gray 

Gray is subtle and serene. Think mysterious fog or moonbeams. With its associated Silver or a bright primary color, gray is frequently used for technology products. 

subtle gray 

Black is sophisticated, dramatic, powerful and mysterious.  A great accent to other colors. Black communicates mourning and bad luck in many culture.

Your color palette consists of the color you choose for the template or background, the text and any bullets or chart objects used in your presentation. See more information on how to select the right template.

TIP: Cool colors like green, blue and purple, visually recede.
Warm colors like red, orange and yellow will advance toward the audience.

Warm               COLOR                   Cool

Advance                                      Recede

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