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choosing powerpoint templates

How to choose a PowerPoint template

The design you select for your PowerPoint presentation is important. But you donít have to be an artist to make the right decision.  There are a few considerations that will make choosing the right template for your presentation easy.

When you choose a template make sure to look these factors:  functionality, design, content, source and delivery.

Count on PowerFinish templates for your important presentations.
 Agency quality templates.
 Slides look great on large or small screens. High resolution, minimal compression and every background is tested with text for legibility.
 Universal design.  Not limited by industry specific photos or themes, so you can use them with any presentation topic.
 Easy to use and reliable; no complicated plug-ins, animations or software that could freeze up during your presentation.
 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee
 Free same day FedEx shipping
 Live Phone Support.

Dark or light colors?

Will the text be legible on the design? It sounds basic, but some templates arenít tested for this critical part of a presentation.  Choose a slide design where there is enough contrast for black or white text to be easily read by your audience.  We test every PowerFinish design for legibility.
You should also consider the lighting where you will make your presentation.

TIP: Dark text on a light background works best in brightly lit settings.  Conversely, light text pops out on a dark background and is more legible in darker viewing situations.

Is the image quality high?

Resolution. Is the resolution high enough for a professional presentation?
Although web samples are usually compressed to speed up viewing, the actual template images shouldnít have any ďjaggiesĒ or artifacts that will be magnified when seen at a larger size. If the file has been overly compressed you wonít be happy with the results. For example, PowerFinish templates are 1024X768 at screen resolution with minimal compression to ensure high quality display.  If in doubt, ask the template provider for a free sample so you can examine the quality.

Whatís my style?

Template design includes the artistic style, composition, color palette, and other visual elements of the presentation.
Style. Whatís impression do you want to leave with your audience? Template themes can communicate a design message ranging from conservative to cutting edge.

Primary Color. In addition to any colors you are required to use or compliment, e.g., your logo or product colors,, remember that color can evoke strong associations for your audience.
(See our color association chart.)

When do I get my templates?

Downloads. Are you in a hurry?  Can you download the template immediately or is there an unknown processing time while you have to wait for an e-mail confirmation?  If you lose your file or have trouble with the download, can you get immediate support? Whatís the technical support policy of the site?
CDs. Can you get the templates on CD so you donít have to install the entire product on your hard-drive? If you travel with a laptop, this can be important.  How much is shipping and handling? A good value can become much more expensive when youíre charged extra for CDs and shipping.  Can you get downloads before your CDs arrive?

TIP: Compression is the encoding of data to reduce storage space and bandwidth. Some data are actually lost in the process, but - when done delicately and skillfully - the loss is not noticeable to the human eye. The JPEG format (used for most templates) eliminates more pixels the higher the level of compression chosen.
Excessive compression will result in artifacts or banding of color. This will be magnified when the image is shown at large size. Artifacts are unavoidable at high levels of compression, so you want minimally compressed images in your templates.

Good compression, smooth curves and color

Excessive compression, note jaggies on curve and color banding

Consider the source.

Where you get your template matters.  Is it copyrighted material, does the company provide technical support, is the site secure?
Support. ďIf you buy it, they will support it.Ē  Unfortunately thatís not always true.  Before you order, check the website for a good contact information - telephone number, address and owner information. If youíre not sure about something, call and ask. After all, if youíre working on your presentation and need help - how long can you wait?
Copyright. Make certain that you donít violate copyright law in your presentations. Even commercial sites that incorporate photography and fonts into their templates may not have the right to resell them as a part of their products.  Just because itís on the internet, doesnít mean itís free to use. Make sure you check the copyright of any templates, photos and other materials you plan to use. If you donít see a copyright statement like this on a site, call them and ask.
Security. Is the site secure?  Itís important that a website have a policy of storing and transmitting your personal data securely.  Check before entering your credit card information. (See how to check a siteís security.)
Guaranteed?  What if you canít use the templates you choose?  Are they guaranteed?  We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on PowerFinish.

Whatís included with the templates?

Whatís inside the POT? The native PowerPoint template format is .POT. A template is like an envelope that can hold more than one piece of information. There are usually two images - a title design and a text (or secondary) design. PowerFinish templates also include a third slide with standard templates and 18 alternate slides with Template Design Sets.
Other style elements. In addition to the background designs for our slides, PowerFinish  template files also contain other presentation style aspects, including specifications for the type and size of bullets and fonts, placeholder sizes and positions, and color schemes.
File Format. PowerFinish also supplies the .JPG images that are part of the .POT as separate files.  You can use the .JPGs in any software that accepts images.  This is an added value if you want to print collateral materials, create an .HTML page or document to support your presentation. PowerFinish templates all include the .JPG images for title, text and print slides.
Collections.   For the best value make sure the designs work for the type of presentations you make. For example, if you make business presentations for a bank, do you need templates with medical or transportation themes? Our abstract designs work with any topic and give you the greatest flexibility.

Try PowerFinish and learn why our customers say theyíre the best templates on the planet!

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