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Purchasing and Downloading, Compatibility, File Formats

How do I get my templates and backgrounds? how quickly? what about getting a CD?
I downloaded...but I canít find my file. Where is the download?
Will PowerFinish work with my version of PowerPoint? Will it work with OpenOffice Impress?
What type of computer/system/software do I need to use PowerFinish?
What about Windows Vista and PowerFinish?
Whatís in the download? Whatís the file format of PowerFinish downloads?
What about the License?  What are the Terms of Use with PowerFinish?
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How do I get my templates and backgrounds? How quickly can I start using PowerFinish?

You can download the templates and backgrounds immediately upon purchase.  Enter your credit card information securely, and download right now.  All our PowerPoint templates and backgrounds are immediate download except The Ultimate Presentation Kit and Presentersí Choice .

How do I get The Ultimate Presentation Kit and Presentersí Choice? What about a CD?
We automatically ship these products on CD
. These products are not downloads.   You will be given the option to download a small template and background sampler when you complete your order.  You may also request immediate downloads via e-mail.  Just include your Invoice number (included in the order confirmation e-mail) and indicate what files you need.
Order  The Ultimate Presentation Kit during our special sale, and we will ship your CD (at no charge) via FedEx Express Saver. (Outside the continental US, we ship via USPS International Priority)
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I downloaded templates and/or backgrounds...but I canít find my files. Where is the download?
When you begin a download, your browser will ask where you want to save the file in the ďSave AsĒ  window. You should select a location you can find easily.  If you complete your download and canít remember what folder you downloaded to, there is an easy way  to locate it quickly:
Use the reconnection link (URL) in your e-mail message and initiate the download process again.  The last location you downloaded to will come up as the default ďSave AsĒ location.  You donít have to actually download again, just write down this location and your file will be there.  (Assumes that PowerFinish was your last download.)
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Will PowerFinish templates work with my version of PowerPoint?
PowerFinish works with all versions of PowerPoint from 97 forward.
Will PowerFinish templates work with OpenOffice Impress?
OpenOffice Impress will open standard PowerPoint files, so you can use your PowerFinish templates and backgrounds in that product as well.

What kind of computer/software/etc. do I need to use PowerFinish templates or backgrounds?
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista or any MAC OS; PowerPoint Versions: 97 and later to use POTs; JPGs may be used with all PowerPoint versions. JPG use goes beyond PowerPoint - working with a wide variety of other software such as:  Director, Open Office Impress, Corel, Scala, Song Show Plus, Word, Media Shout, Easy Worship. In fact virtually every software that accepts images will accept a JPG - itís one of the most universal image formats.
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What about Window Vista?
The POTs and JPGs included in PowerFinish work with Vista, so you can use all of our CD based products with your new Vista operating system.  You may also download Template Volumes 1-6 and Volume 6 High Definition.  Other downloads will be available in the future.
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Whatís in the template or background download? What are the file formats?
The downloads are either self-installing executables (.exe) files or .ZIP files. All Mac downloads are .ZIP files. Depending on the product you select, the following types of files are included in the download: 
PowerFinish Templates: the images in PowerFinish templates are in both POT - (PowerPoint native format) and JPG slide format; Gallery and help files: HTML format
PowerFinish Backgrounds: Image size: 1024X768; File format: JPG; Resolution: 72 dpi ; Gallery and help files: HTML format
CD based products may be used with any operating system.
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What are the Terms of Use under the PowerFinish License?
Your PowerFinish download includes a Single User License. Discounted Multi-user licensing is available.
You cannot resell PowerFinish templates or backgrounds in any form.  Before you purchase a license, see the complete Terms and Conditions.
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