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Installing PowerPoint Templates (on a PC) 

How to install PowerPoint templates
How to uninstall PowerFinish templates from my system
I ran the installation, but I can’t find my template files. Where on my hard drive are the templates and/or backgrounds installed?
How to browse through the templates and backgrounds
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How do I install PowerFinish templates?
When you download, some products are delivered as executable files and others as zip files.  Follow the directions below for the type of file you downloaded:

Executables: In the folder where you downloaded PowerFinish, there is one executable file (file extension .exe). Double click on this file to install the PowerFinish files onto your local hard drive. A wizard will direct you through the process.  You access the templates and backgrounds from inside PowerPoint.
Zip files: Unzip the download to extract the files to a location of your choice.
These instructions are for downloads, CD based product do not require installation.
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How do I uninstall PowerFinish templates from my system? (Executables only)
1. Using the Start menu, point to Programs, select PowerFinish, select Uninstall.  Select Yes to confirm the uninstall.
2. Optionally, you may use the Add/Remove process from the Start menu, Settings, Control Panel.
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Where on my hard drive are the PowerPoint backgrounds installed if I download an executable (.exe) file?
For easy access from PowerPoint, Backgrounds are installed in the following “default” locations on your hard drive: (During installation, you can change this “default” location if you wish.)
Backgrounds:   C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\PowerFinish\backgrounds
Just navigate to this folder from inside PowerPoint.
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How can I browse through the templates or backgrounds outside of PowerPoint?
For fast access to the Gallery/Thumbnail files, open the readme file that comes with your download.  You’ll find a link to a browser based (html) thumbnail gallery.  You can also open the thumbnails on our website while you have PowerPoint open in another window.
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