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How do I insert a Background into my PowerPoint slide?
1. Choose Background from the Format menu.
2. Under Background fill, click the down arrow, click Fill Effects, and then click the Picture tab.
3. Click Select Picture, find the folder that contains the background you want, double-click the file name, and then click OK.
4. To apply the change to the current slide, click Apply. To apply the change to all slides, click Apply to All.

See how to format a PowerPoint background in an illustrated tutorial here.  See how to format a background in PowerPoint 2007 here.
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What’s the difference between a PowerPoint background and a template?
Templates are “pre-made” presentation shells. 
Standard 3 slide templates (Volumes 1-3):  When you apply a template to your presentation, the Title Master and Slide Master (text slide or secondary slide) are already available for you to insert text. The typeface and font color and size are already set (recommendations...you can change any of the settings). There is also a print slide available to be used as an alternate background for printing.
Templates with Alternate Backgrounds:(Volume 4): When you apply a template to your presentation, it will show only 2 slides (title and text) and you will insert the alternate slides using Format/Background (see above).
Templates with Multiple Masters (Volumes 5 and 6 and 6HD): When you apply a template to your presentation, what you see depends on the version of PowerPoint you use. Versions before 2002 will show only 2 slides (title and text) and you will insert the alternate slides using Format/Background (see above).  If you have PowerPoint 2002 or later, you will see a message that tells you the template has multiple masters and asks if you would like to make them available for the presentation. If you select “Yes”, you will see the additional slides appear in the “Available for Use” window on the right. To apply one, click on the arrow next to it and choose “Appy to Selected Slides”. If you simply click on the thumbnail, PowerPoint will replace all of your slides with the background.
Backgrounds: These files offer the ultimate in flexibility and customization. These are JPG images that you can use in your presentations.  These images can be modified with standard PowerPoint drawing tools (see ideas below) and they may be used in many other applications and in worship software.
See more about PowerPoint backgrounds here.
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What can I do with backgrounds if I don’t have a paint program?
The standard drawing tools in PowerPoint offer you a variety of options for customizing your backgrounds.  In just minutes using standard drawing tools in PowerPoint, you can make as many versions as you need to emphasize your points. Look at the examples below created from a single background.
Draw a shape, fill it with a matching or complimentary color, rotate the shape, add shadows or transparency. You can do all this and more using the standard Draw menu in PowerPoint. You’re only limited by your imagination.

powerpoint background powerpoint background modified presentation background with drawing tool powerpoint slide background with overlay

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