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Mac and Windows PowerPoint templatesPowerPoint templates just for MAC

Video Background FAQs

Will PowerFinish video backgrounds work with the new version of PowerPoint?

Yes! And even better...the latest version of PowerPoint lets you apply text right on top of video with no additional tools needed!

Will PowerFinish video backgrounds work with my computer/software setup?

We suggest that you download a free sample WMV file and check the results on your machine.  The majority of newer computers have more than adequate video cards, disk space and RAM to easily play these optimized WMV files.  Movie Maker is available for all Windows operating systems.  You can see many more details about Movie Maker versions and use at Wikipedia.  See details about using PowerFinish Video Backgrounds with your MAC here.

What’s included in each Video Background Set?

Each of the sets includes 1 video background and 3 coordinated static slide backgrounds. A custom profile for Windows Movie Maker is also included. Each volume is only $9.99 and it includes 20 sets.

WMV Video Background

static slide video static background matching slide background

Three Static JPG Slide Backgrounds, Coordinated with the Video Background

Will PowerFinish Animated Video Backgrounds work with PowerPlugs Video Player from Crystal Graphics?

Yes, they are WMV format, the same that is required for the plug in you can purchase.  You can also use Movie Maker or iMovie. See instructions for using the free Movie Maker to add titles to your videos.

How do I insert a Video Background into my presentation?

It’s easy to insert videos in PowerPoint.  Windows users, see out quick tutorial on How to Insert and Format a Video here.  Instructions for PowerPoint for MAC users are here.

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What’s the best resolution for full screen video in PowerPoint?

We recommend 800X600 for the best playback.  You can select the resolution under “Slide Show/Setup”. See details about inserting and formatting videos here.

How do I use profiles in Movie Maker?

We have included a .prx profile file with the video downloads. See steps on how to use profiles - where to save the file and how to select it for output - here.  The process is the same with Vista, but you need to add a new folder.

How do I apply titles to the Video Backgrounds?

You can buy 3rd party tools or Windows users can use the free, wizard driven Movie Maker from Microsoft.  Apple users can select the easy to use video editing program that comes free with Apple operating system, iMovie.  See a full list of excellent tutorials for using iMovie including adding titles to videos at the Knight Digital Media Center from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

Are WMVs compatible with MACs?

Yes. See the following websites for free resources.
Get a free download of Flip4Mac so you can play Windows Media files directly in your Quicktime player.
Free FLIP4MAC downloads are also available at this location.

Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X.  Download it free here.

If you don’t have OSx, you can still get a free download here. For MAC OS 8.1 and higher, get Windows Media Player 7.1 for MAC.

How do I insert a WMV into PowerPoint for MAC?

Once you have Flip4MAC, there are a couple of ways to do this. The most straight forward way is to simply change the file extension from .WMV to .MOV.  This makes PowerPoint think that it is playing a QuickTime file instead of a WMV.
You can see more details here on Steve Rindsberg’s PPTFAQ site.  (Personally, I would make a copy of the file before renaming it.)

If you have QuickTime Pro -you can follow these instructions from Flip4MAC:
How do I import WMV files into PowerPoint?
To import WMV files into PowerPoint, open the WMV video in QuickTime Pro. Select File/Save and save as a reference movie. Because no actual conversion is necessary with reference movies, this is a very quick process. Then insert the .mov file into your PowerPoint presentation and proceed as usual. Although it is an extra step, it can be done very quickly and will make it possible to use WMV files in your PowerPoint presentation.”

How can I test my system to make sure Video Backgrounds will play in PowerPoint?

Download a free sample animated video backgroundUnzip the file and follow the instructions for Windows or MAC shown above.

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Are the Video Backgrounds available in other file formats?

If your project requires another file format, contact us for pricing for lossless AVIs or other files.

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