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Animated PowerPoint Background – Star Bursts

Charge up your presentation with this fiery gold and yellow animated video background. This eye catching looping (wmv) video file works great for an opening title. This animated background is free for your personal use, and the zip file includes 3 matching static slide backgrounds.

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Animated PowerPoint Background

Download, unzip and insert this free video into PowerPoint. If you use PowerPoint 2010, you can add text on top of it right inside PowerPoint. If you use a previous version, just open the video in Movie Maker or iMovie and add a title before placing it in your presentation. For assistance with the free Movie Maker or iMovie software, check our Animated PowerPoint Video Background FAQs.

Free Download – Understated PowerPoint Background Template

Do you need an understated professional background template for your presentation? Choose this free template with soft organic shapes in pale blue that float over a textured background design. What do you see in this soft subtle abstract? Clouds, bamboo, cotton, water? This free background for Power Point will provide an understated earth tone backdrop to your presentation.


This theme offers a calm, soothing design for your presentation text. Three slides are included in the .POT template file – a bold title slide, a muted text slide and a mostly white print slide. Save with your content as a ppt in PowerPoint. These same designs are in the zip file as .jpgs so you can use them as backgrounds in any software.

Free Video Background for PowerPoint

This is a 10 second looping video background. The bright blue and white design will be a great backdrop for your presentation title. (The title shown on the image below is not in the file.)

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Video Background Download

Download and insert this free file into PowerPoint. If you use PowerPoint 2010, you can add text on top of it right inside your presentation. If you use a previous version, just open the video in Movie Maker or iMovie and add a title before placing it in your presentation. For assistance with Movie Maker or iMovie, check our PowerPoint Video Background FAQs.

Sunny background for PowerPoint

Inspired by soft draping fabric, this monochromatic yellow design has an elegant feeling. Interesting, but not distracting, this template will provide a rich and dramatic background for any presenter’s message. This light and bright design is a great resource for teachers, too. Download this sunny design now, free for your personal use.


Free PowerPoint Background for Science

Another free template download in the favorite color of virtually all presenters, blue. Hexagons and other geometric shapes form the backdrop of this monochromatic template. Great for classroom presentations – science and math teachers will find this soft and subtle geometric especially appropriate.


Gold Organic Presentation Template

PowerPoint presenters know that it is advisable to choose a monochromatic and subtle template for research and data heavy presentations. With an uplifting light feeling, this abstract slide set offers a professional, but unobtrusive background for your information. This free download includes a soft gold organic graphic that is dramatic but still easy on the eyes to aid communication.


Free Graphic Shapes Template Download

Download this multi colored template, free for your personal use. Earth tones and graphic shapes make this design an edgy background for your PowerPoint presentation. Graphical slide template download in .POT format with .JPG backgrounds included.


Top Downloaded Template

This deep purple blue abstract has been the single most popular PowerFinish template ever. A soft undulating design on the title slide is complimented by a grid overlay on the text slide. Thousands have purchased this dark and dramatic template, now you get it for free.


Inside a Sphere Download

Deep blues and reds give this design a feeling of depth and motion. A futuristic or high tech feeling makes this free template download great for high tech business presentations. Edgy slide features a sphere like design.


Sunny Orange Template

This free template download has a warm blend of yellow, orange and gold shapes. The soft gradient design creates a feeling of depth. This .POT template also includes 3 .JPG slides.


Blue and Aqua Angle Design

Subtle textures and a color palette of soft blue and aqua make this angular design understated and interesting. This free download will work with a variety of your PowerPoint presentations.


Organic Texture in Gold

This monochromatic gold and yellow template design could be a close view under a microscope. The organic design is a great background for scientific content. Warm colors and a sense of movement make this free download visually exciting without distracting from your presentation.


Aqua blue template download

This free presentation template features a soft blue and aqua background with crisp translucent angular shapes that appear to float in the foreground. This conservative design features a soothing limited color palette to compliment your content.